Dwaine Knouse


Relationship Development Officer


I have the opportunity to help our customers with their banking and lending needs.


I graduated from Indianola in 1986, and from Simpson college in 1991 with a degree in Business Management.

Why I love working at Leighton State Bank

The passion for helping and working with our customers is evident throughout the bank. We have that "old fashioned, down-home" focus on customer service.

Favorite way LSB gives back

We are encouraged and supported to be involved in our local events. The bank supports communities we serve in many ways, be it through the schools, non-profits, or a wide variety of community events. That is what makes us unique; we take the title community bank seriously.


My wife and I are blessed with two wonderful daughters. We enjoy spending our time supporting them, which is focused around 2 activities: all things dance and all things horses. When we’re not at a dance competition or a horse show, we enjoy athletic events and the great outdoors.