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  • Can I make my loan payment by credit or debit card?

    We do not have the ability to accept payments made by credit or debit card. We are able to do cash advances on credit cards at our Pella drive up location if you need to use your card.

  • Can I use online banking to make my loan payment?

    You can use your online banking to make a loan payment as long as you would like to make a principal and interest payment. Online banking is not ideal to make payments on lines of credit. Be aware that the interest will be paid first so the payment might not be applied as you like if you choose to use online banking to make payments.

  • I paid off my loan, now what?

    Ten days after your payoff has been received, your note will be stamped “paid” and mailed to you. Any collateral that is not attached to another note will be processed at this time.

    A release will be filed with the county recorder for all real estate mortgages.

    Auto titles will be released and sent to the county treasurer for filing.  The title will then be sent to you, so please let us know if you have moved.

    UCC filings will be terminated with the secretary of state.

  • How do I set up an automatic loan payment?

    It’s simple. There is a one-page document that you will need to sign. If you choose to set up a payment coming from another financial institution you will need a voided copy of a check along with the bank name and address, the account number and bank routing number. Contact us to set up automatic payments.

  • How much car can I afford?

    This calculator computes the most expensive car you can buy based on the highest monthly payment you can afford. The calculated amount includes taxes and documentation fees.

  • How much do I need to save for college?

    This calculator computes the amount you need to save each month in order to pay for college.

  • How much will my loan payments be?

    Use this calculator to compute the payment amount (principal and interest) for a fixed rate loan.

  • Should I consolidate my loans?

    This calculator determines the advantage or disadvantage of consolidating various loans and credit card debt. Click the “Add” button to enter up to a total of 10 different loans and credit cards.



  • Is a Roth or traditional IRA best for me?

    Investing in an IRA can be a great way to save for retirement. Our calculator can help you determine whether a Roth or traditional IRA is best.

  • How do I get started investing?

    The best way to start is with a plan. What are your goals and what actions are needed to accomplish them? Give us a call and we can start the conversation.

  • What factors should I consider when making an investment choice?

    There are a variety of factors depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Some of the factors that we most commonly address are goals, risk, time frame and cost. Contact us and one of our knowledgeable advisors will help you account for these important factors as you weigh your investment choices.

  • How much can I save over time?

    Wondering what you might be able to save by putting away small amounts each month? Use this calculator to estimate your future savings by simply entering your current balance, deposit amount, rate of return and how long you plan to save for.

  • How much do I need to get started?

    At Leighton Investment Services, we don’t have minimums or turn people away. We want to serve and assist people at all stages. Virtually any amount that you want to start with by saving on a monthly basis—let’s talk about what route may be right for you!

  • What costs or fees are involved with investing?

    As with any product or service, costs and fees are involved with investments. We strive to be transparent while explaining the wide variety of options and ways to invest. We are committed to finding the best products and value for each of our clients.

  • Can I invest for my children?

    There are many ways to invest for your children, whether it be for education, home purchase or other various needs and goals. We can help you talk through what options offer the best route for your specific situation.


  • When should I start saving for retirement?

    The short answer is that you should get started now! Ideally, you want to get started as early as possible. Giving your savings more time to grow allows the powerful wealth-building phenomenon known as compound interest to work in your favor. The sooner you start, the more time you have to achieve your goals. Take a look at this calculator to learn more.

  • At what age should I start receiving my social security benefits?

    To answer this question correctly we would need to know exactly how long you’re going to live! Obviously, we can’t know that answer, but we do know the average retired couple will receive over $1 million from Social Security during their lifetime. The claiming strategy you use will have a significant impact on the amount received. Visit our office and we can help you calculate different claiming scenarios and explain which strategy might fit best in your plan.

  • How long will my retirement savings last?

    While there are many variables and things that are beyond our control, we are able to use expectations along with historical figures to get a feel for how long your savings might last. Use this calculator to get a start, then come into an office to discuss saving and investment strategies.

  • How much money do I need to retire?

    Contrary to popular belief there is no fixed, magic number. The answer to this question depends on your goals, your lifestyle in retirement, sources of retirement income and a number of other factors. We can help you build, monitor and implement a personalized retirement plan. Call us today and we can help take some of the guesswork out of retirement.



BrokerCheck is a free tool which is part of FINRA’s ongoing efforts to help investors make informed choices about brokers and brokerage firms. Use BrokerCheck for information about the background of an investment professional.



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