Fight Fraud with Brella (formerly Shazam BOLT$)

Written by Denise Becker, Leighton State Bank’s expert in Retail Banking.

Chances are, you’ve either been the victim of debit card fraud, or you know someone who has. The Brella™ app protects you from fraud by sending alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity.

What is Brella™?

LSB provides fraud protection at your fingertips with Brella™ (formerly Shazam Bolt$). Add your debit cards to this secure mobile app, and be alerted when potential fraud takes place. Banking is made safer at LSB with this FREE fraud prevention service.

With the Brella™ app, you can automatically receive alerts 24/7 whenever a debit card purchase is made where your card is not present, such as a telephone or internet orders. You’re also notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, including purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries.

LSB provides fraud protection at your fingertips.

With Brella, you can also:

  • Turn your debit card off or on. This is great if you misplace your card!
  • Check your account balance without logging in with the Quick Balance feature.
  • Find nearby ATMs.
  • Submit travel notices.
  • Log in with just your fingerprint or Face ID.

To download Brella™, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Click here for the Brella™ user guide so you can add another level of protection to your debit card today!